Quick question... Guess which one impacts your child's future success the most.

Take a guess and see if you're right.

Plus, on the next page, you'll also see how NOT teaching this to your child early before they even reach grade 4 leads to:

=> A 66% chance they'll drop out of high school
=> Reduced confidence for their entire life
=> 55% higher risk they'll commit a felony as an adult

The correct answer might shock you...

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The Children Learning Reading Package

If you’re a parent, you probably already know that it’s absolutely essential to get a head start on kids’ reading at an early age. Not only does early reading success lead to reading success as your child continues to grow, but it serves as an accurate predictor of academic success across the board, at every level and in every subject. In short, it becomes nearly impossible for students to catch up if reading skills are not mastered early.

Children Learning Reading was created to specifically address this incredibly critical issue. Parents and educators agree that this award-winning e-book and learning program stand at the top of the heap as one of the most effective and kid-friendly early reading programs on the market today.

Stressing the joy of reading as an inherently positive experience, Children Learning Reading can successfully captivate and engage even the reluctant learners. 

6 Benefits of Learning to Read At an Early Age

Gives Children a Head Start at School

This program can give your child the head start they need to succeed in school - as well as in their later years of life. Many parents are offering their children this program BEFORE they go to school, so that they are able to excel year after year. In that sense, this advantage is the greatest benefit that your child will experience.

Reduce Anxiety and Fear About Reading

Being unique, Children Learning Reading teaches children how to read individual letters - focusing on the sounds those letters make. The key is expanding your child's mind, as they build self-confidence. When they feel confident in their ability to read, this will motivate them to do their best in school. When there is no fear associated with learning, children excel.

Teaches Healthy Study Habits

Best of all, this program can be fit into any busy schedule. Requiring just 15 minutes a day, three times a week, you will look forward to this engaging time together. After all it's rewarding when parents actively teach their children new skills - and reading is one of the most important skills they can acquire.

Supports Brain Development

When the parent becomes the teacher, this is a wonderful experience for both parties. From reading games to fun worksheets, this program will support your child's developing brain. Overall, this program is certified, award-winning, and parent approved!

Develops Motivation for Life-Long Learning

Offers results that are guaranteed and if you're not happy with this educational system, there is a money back guarantee! This provides you with peace-of-mind. Children light up with joy once they complete a lesson, motivating them to continue learning.

Strengthens Parent-Child Relationships

Is a one-of-a-kind educational method, helping children kick-start their ability to read. This helps them develop self-confidence and can even strengthen parent-child relationships. Before you know it, your child will be reading YOU a bedtime story.

Is Your Child Ready to Learn to Read?

Here's What Other Parents Are Saying About Children Learning Reading

"My 2 year old son absolutely goes mental for Children Learning Reading! He's actually choosing the members area over television and its the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up after his nap. No word of a lie but I absolutely get why. If I was his age again, I'd love it too! Just wanted to send out my quick thanks!"
from New York
"Hey Jim, thanks for getting back to me! Yes Ellie has been doing fantastic with Children Learning Reading. We just started level three on Tuesday and she's excited to get going. She loves your system so much that I'm not sure what to do next once she completes level four. You should keep making more levels lol. This has easily been the best investment I've made for Ellie to date and a bunch of my friends all picked it up for their children too. I'll keep you posted on her progress!"
from Las Vegas
"My son Jake ABSOLUTELY LOVES Children Learning Reading!!! I've tried a few reading programs in the past and he's quickly lost interest in all of them. Children Learning Reading has been so fantastic because you guys are always adding new content to engage him. He's constantly asking to log on and see what's new. Whats made all the difference is that you actually have made this as much about parents as you have the kids. You've shown me how to best teach my child and that's empowering to say the least! Now I REALLY CANT WAIT to send him off to school and get back that first report card! This has been a blessing for our family."
from Washington
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